The unbearable plasticness of wipes

The unbearable plasticness of wipes

Wipes are manufactured from a variety of raw materials. Some are wet from just water, and other from a variety of chemicals. Some contain plastic fibers, some don't.

Wipes and packaging

One thing is constant – they're all packaged in single-use, disposable plastic, aka litter. We've never seen wipes sold in not-plastic, because that's the easiest way for manufacturers to keep them wet till people use them and toss them.

Dealing with all that plastic is simple. Just recycle the plastic pouch.

Ha ha ha ha ha. So naive. 😊

The cover photo is from an actual bag of wipes. Frankly, we weren't expecting that. We thought they'd have some plastic recycling number such as for polyethylene terephthalate, polypropylene, or maybe low density polyethylene. And then we'd troll them with the statistic that only 9% of plastic is recycled.

But nooooooo, they couldn't even manage that much effort. They selected a plastic that cannot be recycled and can only become micro-plastic litter as it degrades over the next few centuries.

It's almost as if they don't care about the planet. (Yes, that's sarcasm. Can you tell that we find this outrageous?)

Pile of Plastic Packaging

Litter from when their wipes are flushed is inevitable, and now you know that micro-plastic litter from the unrecyclable packaging of wipes is inevitable, too, and these manufacturers don't give a damn.

Knowledge is power. You can use your power as a consumer to support products that don't break sewers and drown the world in plastic.

Perhaps we've not mentioned before (wink, wink) that we have this thing called The UnWipe that replaces all these nasty wipes and their forever plastics. It's manufactured and packaged without plastic. It's made of silicone rubber that will last through many years of use. The packaging is compostable cardboard from sustainable forests, and the ink is water-based. The shipping cartons are sealed with paper tape and plant-based glue.

Getting a clean bum, and saving money while doing so, doesn't have to mean screwing the environment.

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