How to add water

Just add water. Plain, clean water. Add water every few days as needed. Pop the lid off by pressing the sides, add water from the faucet🚰, and drain the excess so that the toilet paper you use doesn't get soggy. Can it really be that simple? Watch Logan explain it all to you.

For your very first use, give it a good rinse inside and out before adding the water.

How to use

We assume you know how to use 🧻 and really don't want us to elaborate. 🫣 Thus, when you're 'done' on the toilet, use dry paper once like normal. (Skip the "dry" step if wiping the front side.)

Then scrunch or fold fresh toilet paper, press it into The UnWipe's mesh for just ½ second, and use again like normal. Done right, the textured paper will be thicker and a bit dryer than a wipe.

Repeat until clean – cleaner than from dry 🧻 alone. But really, it's much more fun to watch Logan explain.

How to clean

Clean The UnWipe at least monthly when you clean the rest of your bathroom. You do clean at least monthly, right? 🤦🏻‍♀️ The outside can be washed with soap and water. 🧼💧 Clean The UnWipe in the microwave, the dishwasher, or with vinegar. Check out Logan's video for details, including genius safety insights like 'don't touch things that are hot.'

Joshua Has a Secret

@joshuacalebactor shares his discovery of The UnWipe and how it relates to wipes and sustainability.

Proving The UnWipe Works

@beardydoesit puts The UnWipe to a bold test to prove it works better than toilet paper alone.

Unboxing with Danielle

@daniellelampo shows adorable surprise at the texture The UnWipe puts on her toilet paper, and then gives a perfect explanation of why it works.

Unboxing with Hannah

@hkburrow40 shows what to expect when unboxing, and shares her first impression from using it to clean her 🍑. Check out how she tests the strong, rich, perfectly wet texture The UnWipe creates on her 🧻 to make sure that it doesn't rip, tear, crumble, or flake – she's fantastic. ☺️

Oh baby, with Hannah

@hannahpintar shows how perfectly wet texture from The UnWipe lets anyone not use so darn many baby wipes. It will safe your family money and save the planet from all that plastic and litter.

Unboxing with Charlotte

A happy customer explains how The UnWipe cleans tushies without any of the damage that wipes cause.

Taking a Hike with Jennie

Jennie shows how to stay fresh and clean with The UnWipe in the great outdoors.

Foolproof Traveling with The UnWipe

Highway rest areas, gas stations, hiking trailhead toilets, airplane lavs, and other bathrooms away from home have icky toilets and cheap 🧻. Use The UnWipe in any of these bathrooms and with any toilet paper to get the clean feel of wipes without the cost or damage of wipes. Here's how to prep The UnWipe for travel – it takes all of three seconds to get it ready to carry in a purse, pocket, backpack, or diaper bag.

Unboxing The UnWipe

A delightful customer shows what you can expect to see when your package arrives.

How will I know it worked?

Use dry paper. Then use The UnWipe. You cleaner? It worked. 

The UnWipe wipes replacement works every time it cleans your butt better than just dry toilet paper. You'll see this if you sneak a peek at the paper, and you'll feel the difference as you go about your day. You just gotta know that this is better than constantly buying and flushing synthetic wipes, right?

Never Buy Another

Flushed wipes cause clogs in plumbing. You gotta keep buying wipes forever. Why would you keep buying something that causes so much damage?

Using The UnWipe instead of wipes lets you stop the plumbing damage, stop littering the planet with used wipes, and stop spending money on such a harmful product.

Today's a good day to stop buying wipes.

What Comes Between

Simplicity sets The UnWipe apart from other products. Texture makes it better.

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