After the Unboxing

Boxes piled at doorWhat do you do after unboxing The UnWipe wipes replacement? Post pictures on Instagram, of course!
  1. Start with The UnWipe next to your main toilet
  2. Use it consistently for seven days to get in the habit of clean
  3. Try it on the go – in bathrooms away from home

Start by keeping The UnWipe in your main bathroom – next to the toilet – so that it's ready to go when you're ready to go. Keep it there on the counter or tank for the first week or so as you get used to how The UnWipe transforms your own toilet paper and gets your bum addictively clean. Then branch out – try it at work, at the gym, on a road trip. It goes where you go.

To get started with the 411 and a laugh or two, check out these videos from Logan about how to set it up, use it, and clean it. As quick and easy as The UnWipe is to use, we're pretty sure that watching the videos will take longer than actually setting it up, using it, and cleaning it.

Purple door photo by Curology on Unsplash
Hooked on a feeling

Hooked on a feeling

For the first week, keep The UnWipe handy in your main bathroom. Once you're used to how it works and hooked on the feeling – can I get an "Ooga-Chaka"? – of being clean everywhere, you'll want to take it everywhere you "go".

How to add water

Just add water. Plain, clean water. Add water every few days as needed. Pop the lid off by pressing the sides, add water from the faucet🚰, and drain the excess so that the toilet paper you use doesn't get soggy. Can it really be that simple? Watch Logan explain it all to you.

For your very first use, give it a good rinse inside and out before adding the water.

How to use

We assume you know how to use toilet paper and really don't want us to elaborate on that. 🧻🫣 Thus, when you're 'done' on the toilet, use dry paper once like normal. Then scrunch new toilet paper, press it into The UnWipe's mesh, and use again like normal. Repeat as necessary to get squeaky clean. But really, it's much more fun to watch Logan explain this.

By the way, if you're female and cleaning the front, you can skip the dry paper and go straight to using The UnWipe. Do what works for you.

How to clean

Clean The UnWipe at least monthly when you clean the rest of your bathroom. You do clean at least monthly, right? 🤦🏻‍♀️ The outside can be washed with soap and water. 🧼💧 Clean The UnWipe in the microwave, the dishwasher, or with vinegar. Check out Logan's video for details, including genius safety insights like 'don't touch things that are hot.'