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For brand consistency, the trademarked product name is spelled "The UnWipe".
TL;DR: Do you think toilet paper is good enough all by itself? Is it okay to flush wipes even though they cause terrible plumbing and environmental damage?

By putting rich texture on toilet paper, and being the only product to do that, The UnWipe solves both problems, and is by far the most affordable solution.  

Here are 5 possibilities when discussing The UnWipe. They work better than just an unboxing for two reasons – 1) our packaging is simple for sustainability, and 2) people still need education on what The UnWipe is and how to use it. These five show the value of The UnWipe to your followers:
  • Cleaning. The UnWipe cleans better than toilet paper alone because of texture. No one else has kick-ass texture. Texture is the biggest and most important difference of all.
  • Safety. Flushed wipes damage plumbing terribly. The UnWipe is totally safe to use instead of wipes.
  • Environment. Wipes can have plastic fibers and resins, and cause spills and overflows that harm waterways. Their packaging is non-recyclable plastic. They are a source of microplastics. The UnWipe is the only no-plastic butt-cleaning alternative.
  • Cost. The UnWipe costs $34 one time. Bidets average $400. Wipes have to be bought forever at maybe $54 per person per year. Sprays are double the cost of wipes.
  • Portability. The UnWipe is portable by design, and awesome for camping, airplanes, highway rest stops, the gym, long bike rides, hotels, the office, and all other places where a clean butt is a good thing.
Any of these 5 explain how The UnWipe is different from just toilet paper or wipes or bidets. If you're able to explain that, you'll head off most of your follower's "Can't I just use a ___?" questions. The answer is "No, The UnWipe cleans better than paper alone because it adds texture to paper, is hugely more sustainable than awful wipes, and is available all the places bidets don't exist."
Mostly, here's a chance to show your followers something they likely haven't seen before, and that will improve their entire day – a clean butt and no plumbing clogs makes that kind of difference! And yeah, you get to talk about butts, which is always amusing. 🍑😁
Thank you! Contact us anytime with questions.
You have total creative freedom in what you show, because you know your followers. We do ask that you show The UnWipe accurately, especially in three ways:
  1. How to pop the lid off – a quick, fun "pop"
  2. How to press paper into the mesh (just a quick ½ sec press)
  3. How that press puts rich texture on the paper that wipes better than flimsy dry paper or wipes
Here's a video that shows that:
ps. Please remove the gray travel cover for filming ... it looks more colorful without it. The travel cover is useful when traveling with The UnWipe, of course.
We created The UnWipe as a new way to clean your butt because the old ways are all missing something important:
  • Toilet paper alone just isn’t good enough. Even the good stuff doesn’t clean completely, leaving too much behind. And the more you use it, the scratchier it feels. The UnWipe will clean butts better ... who wouldn't want that?
  • Bidets aren’t for everyone and they aren’t everywhere. We’ve never seen one in a powder room or a hotel or a highway rest stop or an airplane.
  • Don’t get us started on “flushable” wipes. They’re an environmental disaster that you gotta keep buying forever which causes even more damage. Look up “fatberg” for all the grossness. The UnWipe exists because wipes are so environmentally awful.
    Hand with toilet paper and The UnWipe
    The UnWipe adds badass texture to your own toilet paper, giving it an instant upgrade. Texture cleans better and leaves nothing behind. The UnWipe is sized to go anywhere you go, making it perfect for when you travel. And it’s the only no-plastic butt-cleaning option and you flush safely when done, making it perfect to use instead of wipes. It solves a daily need, improves personal hygiene, keeps money in your pocket, and does good for the planet.
    Your viewers will have priorities that you know better than we do. Here are things our customers say matter to them, and one of these may provide a focus for your video(s):
    • Hygiene: The UnWipe instantly upgrades any toilet paper to clean better, and our tests proved it. The key is the texture it creates on the paper. No other product has even one-tenth of the texture.
    • Feel: Your toilet paper used with The UnWipe feels cool and clean on your skin. It will feel stronger and textured, unlike dry paper or flimsy wipes. Best of all, you will feel cleaner when you’re done.
    • Sustainability: Any product that stops the use of harmful wipes with their single-use plastic and all the damage and litter they cause is a winner to us. The UnWipe is the only no-plastic solution. It's a great way to do good with barely any effort ... plus get a cleaner butt! Because we emphasize sustainability, we don't add inserts to the packaging. That makes unboxing less exciting, but also less wasteful.
    • Affordability: Unlike wipes and sprays, The UnWipe is a one-time purchase that saves you more money every use, every day.
    • Portability: The UnWipe is built to travel or hang out at home equally well. Wipes are prohibited many places and should not be flushed anywhere.
    We've seen that the best content educates, because The UnWipe is probably a new idea to your followers, so just an unboxing may confuse them. We call it "cleans +" content. The UnWipe cleans better than toilet paper alone plus is way more sustainable than wipes. Or cleans + is more portable than a bidet. Or cleans + is more affordable than anything else.
    Things we are certain of:
    • The UnWipe costs much less than every alternative. The average bidet costs $400+ before installation. Wipes will cost more than $500 for just one person over 10 years. Toilet paper sprays cost double that. The UnWipe is $34 one time no matter how many people use it how often.
    • The UnWipe is a one-time purchase. Wipes and sprays have to be bought forever.
    • The UnWipe creates no litter. It uses your own toilet paper, and that’s broken down perfectly in the wastewater treatment system. Flushed wipes – 100 billion of them each year – do not break down like paper and cause terrible clogs and overflows that cost $1 billion a year to fix.
    • The UnWipe has zero plastic. There’s none in its packaging, either. "Flushable" wipes are shipped in plastic bags that say “Do Not Recycle”, which is shocking. Wipes can also have plastic fibers and plastic resins.
    • The UnWipe is portable by design. Wipes have that crinkly bag that’s so annoyingly noisy in the stalls. Bidets aren’t portable, so you rarely find them unless you paid to put one in your primary bathroom. The UnWipe fits easily in a pocket, purse, backpack, gym bag, suitcase.
    • Given that The UnWipe is more affordable, sustainable, and portable, the question is, does it clean? We tested it on a bunch of people. They all used toilet paper till they were cross-their-heart sure their butt was as clean as could be. Then they used more of their own paper with The UnWipe. 100% of them said The UnWipe did additional cleaning. 100%! That’s the proof. It cleans because it adds strength and a little bit of water to their paper, and especially because it’s the only product to add badass texture.
    Instagram PostsYou are a creator, and we look forward to seeing what you create. We especially look forward to how you explain and show how The UnWipe cleans. That's tricky, because we can’t exactly show before and after, can we? We’ve used an arm and a pumpkin to demo this in video – perhaps you have better ideas. 
    Have fun with it, too. We guarantee your viewers are quite familiar with the topic – daily, right? Stopping the use of harmful wipes is a serious and worthy goal, but we can laugh together as we do so.
    Our 2023 Instagram posts may give you some ideas. We’ve done posts with careful language, coarse language, dancing in the stall, demos, science experiments, snowing wipes, and more. We can’t wait to see what you do. ❤️
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