Cooking with The UnWipe

Cooking with The UnWipe

Simple ingredients combine to create a cleaning experience that is both refreshing and sublime. Though the pairing of toilet paper and water is a relatively modern phenomenon, it has remained soggy and unappetizing until The UnWipe's unique addition of texture turned these bathroom staples into a 5-star masterpiece. Bon appétit.

  • The UnWipe, qty 1
  • 2 tbsp Water
  • Toilet paper, qty as desired

Mise en place: Add water to The UnWipe. Drain excess.

  1. Prepare area by wiping with dry paper like normal.
  2. Press a generous scrunch of toilet paper into the mesh till paper is lightly wet, about 1/2 second.
  3. Wipe affected area once, and dispose of paper in toilet bowl.

Repeat as necessary till desired doneness.


1 person, unlimited servings.

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