The Squeaky Clean Feeling Your Butt Craves – Minus the Cost

#Unspend your money and #unlitter the planet – replace flushable wipes by transforming your own toilet paper with The UnWipe™ wipes replacement. 

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First Things First – 'Flushable' Wipes Are NOT Flushable

We know. It says “flushable” on those packages of wipes you’ve been using (or avoiding). But did you know that “flushable” wipes do not decompose like toilet paper when flushed? Not even close.

In fact, flushed wipes are so harmful that they’ve become the leading cause of plumbing damage for homeowners and communities. 

An estimated $1,000,000,000 of damage every year, across-the-globe — to be more specific.

And don’t even get us started on the fatbergs they cause (trust us — it isn’t pretty).

The True Cost of 'Flushable' Wipes

Besides the cost of tearing apart your house’s plumbing and your community's sewers to fix the clogs wipes cause, your city can actually charge you an increased fee just for using them.
On top of the cost to keep buying pack after pack?
No, thank you, we'll pass. (Or “hard pass” in millennial-speak.)

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Introducing The UnWipe™ – The Flushable Wipes Replacement

So simple to use, so good at cleaning, it's a bum-mer you didn't have it yesterday.

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Makes your own toilet paper extra strong to not tear or crumble

Our MagicMesh™ gives your paper 10X the texture of wipes to clean better

Adds the "just right" amount of wetness for a perfect clean

We're on a mission to make bathroom time less costly to your wallet, your comfort, and the planet.

 How The UnWipe Works

We get it. Toilet paper doesn't clean completely. And the more you try, the more it scratches. But we gotcha covered.

No matter where you go – home, work, airplane, or your mom's house (hey, we don't judge) – just pull out The UnWipe wipes replacement, pop open the lid, and use it with whatever toilet paper you find there—four sheets of a two-ply is a good starting point. The UnWipe transforms your own paper to clean better, and then you use it like normal.

Make no mistake, The UnWipe never touches your butt. You're using any clean toilet paper, any clean water, and The UnWipe always stays clean — just like your butt will be!


Press whatever toilet paper is there onto the patent-pending, emoji-textured mesh for about ½ second. Viola! You now have paper that's totally transformed and totally safe to use with your plumbing. (And that emoji we mentioned? It's now embossed on the paper as even more texture – you're welcome.)


Let the seriously textured, lightly wet, totally transformed paper do its comforting, soft magic on all your nooks and crannies. It's such a simple pleasure.


Yes, flush it like normal. Can't do that with wipes, right? Feel the difference a real clean can make without harming your wallet, septic, or planet.

What Sets Us Apart

Just add water

Simple. Clean. Free. All you need to use The UnWipe is your favorite toilet paper and a little water. No fancy, expensive liquids. No funky chemicals or additives. Just clean water.

Texture cleans better

Unlike wipes that can be too wet and slippery, or too dried out and scratchy, The UnWipe has the patent-pending texture you need to get that magically light feeling of a true clean.

Save your money – like a lot of it.

Never buy another wipe. No refills to buy. No subscriptions. No nothing. Buy The UnWipe, and never spend another dollar on flushable wipes.

Become part of the #Unlitter movement

Do good while doing barely anything. Help to clean the planet while exerting less effort and spending less money – every single day. Women and men. Backside and front side. We keep you clean while you keep the planet clean.

We go where you go

It works with crappy gas station toilet paper. It works with your office's "budget cut" paper. Take The UnWipe with you in your pocket, purse, backpack – heck, even in your fanny pack (no judgment!). Never again worry about being clean & comfy, no matter where you go.

Find Your Butt's Perfect Match

Here's what people (and their butts) are saying about The UnWipe

The UnWipe cleaned parts I didn't know needed to be cleaned. ☺️

Molly H.

It's very convenient. It cuts down on the amount of toilet paper needed but with a cleaner end result.


Second day of using it and I love it. It's so dang cute. I love how it feels in the hand.

– Isabella

"People who use this instead of wipes will enjoy being kinder to the planet."

– Regan

It doesn’t rub your butt raw because you have to wipe so many times [with dry paper] to get it clean…it was ultra soft

Dr. David

Clearly better than wipes. An improved 'experience' that makes me want to continue using The UnWipe.