Clean your butt 🍑 better than just 🧻 and without the cost and damage of wipes, plus our Clean Butt Guarantee!

The Squeaky Clean Feeling Your Butt Craves – Minus the Cost

Get a clean butt and a cleaner planet – and our exclusive Clean Butt Guarantee - in one easy step. Replace flushable wipes by transforming your own toilet paper with The UnWipe™ wipes replacement. 

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First Things First – 'Flushable' Wipes Are NOT Flushable – They're Eco-Awful

We know. It says “flushable” on those packages of wipes. But did you know that “flushable” wipes do not break down like toilet paper when flushed?

Not even close, and it's an environmental disgrace.

In fact, flushed wipes are so harmful that they are the leading cause of plumbing damage for homeowners and communities – an estimated $1,000,000,000 of damage every year.

And don’t get us started on the fatbergs they cause (trust us — it isn’t pretty).

Introducing The UnWipe™ – 10,000 Wipes in your Pocket

So easy to use, so good at cleaning, so much less costly than eco-awful "flushable" wipes, it's a bum-mer you didn't have it yesterday.

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We're on a mission to make bathroom time less costly to your wallet, your comfort, and the planet.

What Sets Us Apart

Just add water

Simple. Clean. Free. No fancy liquids. No funky chemicals needed. Just clean water.

Texture cleans better

Unlike wipes, The UnWipe has the patent-pending texture that cleans your skin better.

Save your money – like a lot of it.

Never buy another wipe. The UnWipe is a one-time purchase that saves you money every day.

Do your part

Do good while doing barely anything. Wipes litter. The UnWipe doesn't. Clean your butt, clean the planet.

We go where you go

Take The UnWipe with you in your pocket, purse, backpack. Be cleaner everywhere you go.

Find Your Butt's Perfect Match

Here's what people (and their butts) are saying about The UnWipe

The UnWipe cleaned parts I didn't know needed to be cleaned. ☺️

Molly H.

It's very convenient. It cuts down on the amount of toilet paper needed but with a cleaner end result.


Second day of using it and I love it. It's so dang cute. I love how it feels in the hand.

– Isabella

People who use this instead of wipes will enjoy being kinder to the planet.

– Regan

It doesn’t rub your butt raw because you have to wipe so many times [with dry paper] to get it clean…it was ultra soft

Dr. David

Clearly better than wipes. An improved 'experience' that makes me want to continue using The UnWipe.