The UnWipe™ Original


The absolute replacement for 'flushable' wipes™

Replace "flushable" wipes by transforming your own toilet paper to clean better.

Get the superior clean your butt deserves. No more risking your plumbing and septic on wipes that you have to just keep buying.

Get the pocket-sized, patent-pending system to convert your favorite toilet paper into the most cost-effective, truly biodegradable butt-cleaning experience you and the planet deserve.

Free shipping available within the Continental U.S. on all purchases, no minimum order.

Also get the bonus Travel Cover, free with purchase, while supplies last.

✅ Makes your own toilet paper better 🧻
✅ 10x the texture of wipes & paper
✅ No cringey slip-sliding over skin
✅ Fun emoji 💩 texture
✅ Tough, pocket-sized silicone case
✅ Sustainable materials – just add water 💦
✅ Save money & the environment with every use 🚽
With The UnWipe™ brand wipes replacement, there's nothing else to buy, and especially...

Never buy another wipe™

What's Inside

Exploded product viewTravel Cover: A tough, stretchy cover to keep all of The UnWipe’s patent pending greatness clean when you’re on the go.

Lid: The poppable top that keeps water in and germs out. It tethers to the mesh so it won’t accidentally drop.

MagicMesh™: The patent pending layer that strengthens and textures your toilet paper to get you our patented squeaky clean bum. (jk — a clean bum can't be patented, but if it could, we’d be the ones to do it!)

Plant-Based Sponge: Our custom-designed cellulose sponge stores water and releases the “just right” amount each time you press your paper into the mesh.

Container: We gotta fit all that awesomeness into something — and this soft but sturdy, long-lasting silicone rubber container is just the thing.

Just add water

Septic & plumbing safe

Clean & sustainable

Product Size & Dimensions

Size: 4" x 3" x 1" / Weight: 5 oz / Capacity: 1.5 oz

Size: 10 cm x 7.5 cm x 2.5 cm / Weight: 142 gm / Capacity: 45 ml

It will easily fit in a typical human hand, sport coat pocket, backpack pocket, and, dare we say, fanny pack.


Silicone rubber is hypoallergenic, non-porous, non-toxic, non-corrosive, chemically inert, and biocompatible.

The sponge is custom-made for us of plant-based cellulose, and specifically wood pulp and cotton.

Rinse thoroughly inside and outside prior to first use.

Use wherever toilet paper is permitted. In the "Does it really need to be said?" department, The UnWipe is for external use only.

We recommed adding clear, clean, plain water when using The UnWipe. As water quality varies by location, and different water systems use different sanitizing agents, we recommend cleaning the product at least monthly for proper sanitation, as should be done for any product used in a bathroom. The recommendation comes from a certified aquatics testing laboratory who used The UnWipe on this schedule and measured no offending germs. It stays clean because dirty stuff doesn't get inside.

The UnWipe was not tested on animals, because we couldn't train Bella or Bronx to hold toilet paper.

Our Commitment to You

The UnWipe Company Inc commits to you that:

1. The UnWipe wipes replacement will be delivered to you without material defect that prevents it from working as intended;

2. Using The UnWipe will allow you to stop flushing wipes (so there's no need to buy and use them again, either); and

3. Toilet paper modified by The UnWipe will clean your bum more thoroughly than by dry toilet paper alone.

If this is not the case for you, contact us for a product return & refund within 30 days of purchase. See the complete refund policy here.

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