About Us and Our Obsession with Butts

Talking about butts was never a life goal. But seven years ago, we stumbled upon a bag of "flushable" wipes and learned they cause insane damage when flushed. They clog plumbing, sewers, and pumps, forming gross "fatbergs" that cost over a billion dollars a year to repair. Plus, they create crazy amounts of litter that would overflow the Empire State Building every year. Twice! Don't flush wipes! Heck, now that The UnWipe is here, there's no reason to ever again even buy "flushable" wipes.

Jim Kaslik

Good design makes life easier. My houses โ€“ profiled in HGTV, the Travel Channel, Fine Homebuilding, and more โ€“ use less energy, withstand natural disasters, and are visual sensations. My kitchen product โ€“ lovingly shown on ABC TV's The Chew by Michael Simon, and on The Rachael Ray Show by actor Anthony Anderson and Rachael herself โ€“ replaced tens of millions of feet of single-use plastic wrap. Now, with The UnWipe, we can stop 100 billion flushable wipes from damaging the environment. Better hygiene, money in your pocket, and a cleaner world. Let's wipe out waste and make asstounding puns!

Logan Guntzelman

I'm the (kind of) friendly face behind The UnWipe, the company that's reinventing the way you clean your %$#@. As a standup comedian/writer, I've always wanted to make a positive impact, but I'm also a bit lazy. That's why I love The UnWipe - it's a low-effort way to help the environment and my wallet. By simply swapping out flushable wipes for The UnWipe, I use less plastic, create less litter, damage less plumbing, and save money. I want to share this easy and eco-friendly solution with others who, like me, want to make a difference without much effort.

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