The secret to a cleaner, more sustainable butt

Clean everything toilet paper leaves behind

Your toilet paper – even the really good stuff – doesn't clean completely. The UnWipe™ wipes replacement instantly upgrades your own toilet paper with rich texture to clean your butt better. The UnWipe cleans what toilet paper alone does not. will feel the difference.

Your butt deserves the upgrade

Toilet paper all by itself doesn't clean completely, yet billions of people use it every day at home, at the office, in airplanes and airports, in highway rest areas, and everywhere they go.

For these people – for you – The UnWipe instantly upgrades your own paper with rich texture to clean your butt completely – no one else does this – without the endless damage and cost of so-called ‘flushable’ wipes.

"Flushable" wipes are not the answer

Wipes ruin pipes and should never be flushed. They cause $1 billion of damage a year!

Your own toilet paper transformed by The UnWipe is perfectly safe to use and flush. It causes $0 damage.

Wipes ruin pipes

Flushed wipes cause $1 billion of damage a year!

Your own 🧻 transformed by The UnWipe is perfectly safe to flush.

Ooooo, feel the rich, cleansing texture

The UnWipe puts a deep, rich texture on your own paper, and that cleans astonishingly well. Dry paper and wipes don't have texture even almost like this.

Simply press any toilet paper into the engineered mesh for ½ second, then wipe and flush like normal. Your toilet paper instantly becomes stronger and has a rich texture you can see and feel that will clean your tush more completely and with no damage to pipes or planet.

Press. Wipe. Flush.

(Your butt, not your arm.)

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The Sustainable Butt-Cleaning Solution That Leaves Nothing Behind (Except a Smile) Perched on the toilet seat, having finished what you were doo-dooing, staring at the scrunched paper in your hand. Will it clean? Is toilet paper by itself ever good enough? We all want a clean butt. Even if we don’t say so out loud, can we talk about it just this once?  The UnWipe™ wipes replacement is the new and sustainable way to clean your butt (vulva, too!) every time, that you already know how to use. Activated with just clean water and no chemicals or fragrances, The UnWipe instantly upgrades your own toilet paper to lovingly clean all your nooks and crannies.  “The UnWipe uses water to transform your paper to make the texture that cleans your butt so much better – all in about ½ second!“ It's not just making your paper wet – the magic is so much more. Press any toilet paper into its engineered mesh for ½ second. The result? The UnWipe uses the water to transform the paper to be surprisingly stronger, delightfully wet, and have kick-ass texture that cleans astonishingly well.   What you will feel is the cool cleaning superpower of that texture on your skin. What you will not feel anymore is what toilet paper used to leave behind ... on your behind. 1. Just add water. 2. Scrunch any 🧻. 3. Press. Wipe. Flush. 🍑❤️ THE PROBLEM WITH TOILET PAPER Billions of people like us use toilet paper every day at home, work, airplanes, highway rest areas, hotels, Mom's house. But toilet paper alone – even the good stuff – doesn’t cut it. The cleaning is not as thorough as we'd like.   “Flushable” wipes help, but are terrible for your plumbing, your planet, and your wallet. Bidets aren’t in most of the places you “go”. What’s a person with a butt supposed to do? INSTEAD OF WIPES With The UnWipe instead of wipes, you will: Stop plumbing & environmental damage caused by flushed wipes Spend a lot less money ... like, a LOT and, oh by the way, get a delightfully clean butt, totally cleaning what toilet paper alone does not Wipes cause terrible damage. They should never be flushed. The UnWipe cleans better, flushes safely, and costs less – a win for you on every level. DESIGNED FOR YOUR BODY AND YOUR CONSCIENCE Sleek, pocket-sized, no-plastic design Super-soft, hypoallergenic silicone Your toilet paper flushes safely for plumbing & environment Your senses will love The UnWipe. It’s petite, curvy and colorful. It’s soft to the touch. It makes your own paper feel softer on your skin rather than scratchy. It’s quiet to handle and use, unlike the annoying crackly plastic bags of wipes (they're so loud in a stall, right?). It’s fragrance-free. DO GOOD WHILE DOING LESS Unlike wipes, your toilet paper used with The UnWipe can be flushed like normal. You will feel good knowing that the next time there is a clog in the plumbing from people carelessly flushing wipes, it’s not your fault! Whatever type of butt you have – smooth, rugged, big, small, tough, sensitive – The UnWipe cleans it better with barely any effort and for a lot less money. Shop The UnWipe now to rock your cleanest butt with confidence.   Every poop. Every day. Everywhere.


The UnWipe cleaned parts I didn't know needed to be cleaned. 🤭

Molly H.

It's very convenient. It cuts down on the amount of toilet paper needed but with a cleaner end result.


Second day of using it and I love it. It's so dang cute. I love how it feels in my hand.


People who use this instead of wipes will enjoy being kinder to the planet.


It doesn't rub your butt raw because you have to wipe so many times [with dry paper] to get it clean. It is ultra-soft.

Dr. David

In LOVE with @theunwipe 🧻


Clearly better than wipes. An improved 'experience' that makes me want to continue using The UnWipe every day.


No "butts" about it, The UnWipe is amazing; I know this because I actually used it today.

Ann E.

I switched to a high protein diet and didn't poop for 6 days so had to take some pills to help and now am very thankful for The UnWipe because plain toilet paper would have chewed up my butt.

Tom H.

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