The UnWipe Advantage

Person at sink adding water to The UnWipe

3 Things That Probably Matter to You

You'd rather have a clean bum than not.

You'd rather not litter.

You'd rather not waste money. 

Toilet paper and The UnWipe


The UnWipe replaces flushable wipes by transforming your own toilet paper with patent-pending texture. It gets you a squeaky clean butt with no litter, and you will never need to buy another %@$&*# wipe.

How easily can you get a cleaner butt, unlitter, and spend less?

1. Just Add Water

Add plain, clean water. With The UnWipe wipes replacement, that's all you need to transform your own toilet paper to clean your butt better. The patent-pending mesh does the rest. No harsh chemicals to add. No subscriptions. Nothing else to buy.

2. Transform Your Paper

Use dry paper once like normal. Then briefly press a fresh scrunch of your own toilet paper into the patent-pending mesh of The UnWipe—just ½ second or so. You'll see and feel an awesome texture that's never been there before. Use like normal. Repeat as necessary. Texture cleans better, and only The UnWipe has it.

3. Flush Like Normal

Flush like normal after using the transformed paper like normal. Wipes should never be flushed. Your own toilet paper transformed by The UnWipe is absolutely meant to be flushed. Be clean and done in seconds and get on with your day.

But how do I know it worked?

Use dry paper. Then use The UnWipe. You cleaner? It worked.

The UnWipe wipes replacement works every time it cleans your butt better than just dry toilet paper. You'll see this if you sneak a peek at the paper, and you'll feel the difference as you go about your day. And you just gotta know that this is better than constantly buying and flushing synthetic wipes, right?

The Colors of The UnWipe™ Wipes Replacement