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We searched far and wide for people who use bathrooms, so that we could uncover all the questions they might ask about The UnWipe as a replacement for flushable wipes.

There are sections here for general information, using and cleaning, and purchases.

If we missed a question, let us know and we'll research it for you.

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What exactly does The UnWipe do?

The UnWipe transforms your own toilet paper – whether basic single ply scraped from tree bark or plush three ply quilted by angels – to be stronger, seriously textured, and a little bit wet. The texture is 10X that of wipes and toilet paper. Texture cleans better. It just does.

Making your paper stronger makes it easier to hold and use. Making it textured makes it better able to reach and clean all the nooks and crannies of your bum. Making it a little bit wet allows your paper to clean better without dripping water everywhere.

Because The UnWipe uses your own toilet paper, and your paper is perfectly designed to decompose in sewers and septic systems, there's no litter or damage, unlike with the #$@!% wipes it replaces.

How do I know The UnWipe is working?

Use toilet paper as you normally would, but not so much that your delicate bits feel raw. (We've all been there ... ouch.)

Then press fresh, scrunched toilet paper into The UnWipe to get it textured and a bit wet, and use it just like normal.

First, do you feel the cool from the wetness and the lack of abrasion, even though it's the same paper?

Now take a peek. If the transformed paper did more cleaning, that's how you know it works! In our research, more cleaning is accomplished about 9 of 10 trips to the bathroom. That's direct evidence that while dry toilet paper alone is useful, it's not good enough for a thorough cleaning.

It's just logical that water will ultimately clean better than dry, right? The UnWipe provides the perfect combination of real texture, a little bit of water, and no scratchiness to get you squeaky clean. What does squeaky clean feel like? It's pulling your clothes back on and going about your day without a further thought about your bum. It's always being good to go. It's "Ahhhhhhh."

Does The UnWipe touch my [bleep] or my [bleep]?

Oh gosh no!

To use The UnWipe, you press a few fresh, clean sheets of your own toilet paper into the mesh. That transforms the paper to be stronger, seriously textured, and a little bit wet.

Then use and flush the paper like normal and go about your day. The UnWipe is clean, your bum gets clean, and the planet stays clean.

What does using The UnWipe feel like?

How does "pillows of blissfulness quilted by charming angels gently but firmly caressing your skin" sound? (We neither confirm nor deny the involvement of angels.)

The first thing you'll notice is that the transformed paper feels surprisingly sturdy. That's not typical for toilet paper, or wipes for that matter, and especially after you've made it wet. Making paper wet by dunking or spraying it makes it flimsier. But The UnWipe makes your paper stronger so that you can clean thoroughly.

When the paper transformed by The UnWipe touches your skin, you'll feel a light wetness that's not soggy and not abrasively dry. It's just right. Check it out on your forearm or cheek as a test. That light wetness will feel wonderfully refreshing on your bum, and is just the right amount for a perfectly squeaky clean.

And you'll see the texture. You can't miss it. Go ahead and poke it. It's serious texture, unlike dry paper and wipes, and since you can see it and feel it, you know that the texture will clean better.

Fusing strength, serious texture, and a little bit of water makes your own paper a sturdy, soothing, cleaning machine that feels blissful on your skin. And there's no proof angels aren't involved.

What is delivered in the package?

You get The UnWipe wipes replacement wrapped in recycled cardboard. There's a colorful container, sponge, mesh, lid, and optional smokey black travel cover. The package has instructions for using, cleaning, and more.

The UnWipe is made of premium silicone, with a patent-pending mesh for texturing your own toilet paper or the paper you find wherever you go. The silicone is hypoallergenic.

The sponge is plant-based cellulose to which you add water as needed.

No batteries are included, which makes sense, because The UnWipe doesn't run on batteries or any other power. There's no USB cable either. And no plastic.

What else must I buy? How often?

Nothing and never!

Unlike other products that you need to keep buying, there are no repeat purchases with The UnWipe wipes replacement.

Just add clean water from a faucet every few days. Use the same toilet paper you’d have used anyway. Nothing else is needed.

What is The UnWipe made from?

The UnWipe is made from sugar and spice and everything nice. Oh wait, wrong lyrics.

It's made from precision-engineered, premium silicone rubber. That's an amazing material that is tough, pliable, non-permeable, hypoallergenic, heat resistant. It has low chemical reactivity, low toxicity, and does not support microbiological growth.

The sponge is made from plant-based cellulose.

The water is made from water.

How much plastic is in The UnWipe?

None. There's no plastic in the product and no plastic in the packaging. Since there's no plastic, then of couse there's no single-use plastic, either. We are the only wipes replacement that can say this.

The awful, synthetic wipes are sold to you in throw-away plastic packaging. Sprays are sold to you in single-use plastic bottles with plastic pumps, or in single-use plastic refill bottles. Bidets, unless you invest in a separate porcelain fixture that requires its own plumbing drain pipes, are made with a lot of plastic.

If you're as interested as we are in ditching plastic, only The UnWipe ditches it completely.

How sustainable is the packaging?

While we're a small business with limits on how much we can influence vendors, we do speak with them about their practices and make responsible choices with their guidance.

We do not wrap The UnWipe in plastic. The silicone rubber container and lid, by design, allows us to avoid single-use plastic and keeps everything nice and clean.

The outer packaging is made from Metsä Board, which is a compostable and recyclable paperboard that originates in the forests of Scandanavia. The manufacturer's commitment to forest sustainability is exceptional.

The inks are water-based. The packaging is printed in USA.

Our shipping cartons (office-to-warehouse) are recyclable cardboard sealed with plain Kraft paper tape with plant-based glue.

We control that which we can control. Beyond that, we celebrate that every time someone uses our product, not only are they not adding to the pollution and micro-plastics problem, but they're also keeping synthetic fabric out of our water treatment systems and landfills. So yay for all of us!

Where is The UnWipe manufactured?

The UnWipe is manufactured by a wonderful partner in China, because that's where we found the expertise to work with the premium materials we use and to meet our exacting engineering standards.

Those same skills aren't easy to find elsewhere, and we're commited to maintaining high standards for the products we make and sell.

Packaging and other services originate with superb partners in the United States and Canada.

The UnWipe is a product for all the world's bums, so we embrace the world and all it has to offer.

How long will The UnWipe last?

The UnWipe wipes replacement is designed to last indefinitely, though that depends on how you treat it. It’s made of premium silicone, which is really tough and should not degrade in the course of normal use.

We've been testing the same units of The UnWipe for more than six years, and they are still going strong.

If used as directed, including regular cleaning, The UnWipe should last a long, long time.

Just Add Water, sure, but can I add anything else?

Plain, clean water is the perfect way to clean your bum with The UnWipe. Tap water is typically sanitized by the local municipality, and has chlorine or other useful chemicals that will help to keep germs at bay.

Bottled water and distilled water also work. They're treated before being bottled to kill off practically all of the germs.

Water is free or inexpensive, and with The UnWipe you use just a small amount, so stick with plain, clean water if you can.

But I really really want to add something else. Can I?

That's up to you. We can't begin to test all the possible potions and elixirs people might want to add to The UnWipe, so we only recommend the use of plain, clean water.

We've heard of a variety of therapeutics and aromatics being applied to the bum. Witch hazel, rose water, aloe vera, and more.

While only water is needed to get your bum wonderfully clean with The UnWipe, if you do wish to use something in addition, consider adding it directly on the toilet paper after pressing the paper into the The UnWipe's mesh, rather than adding it into The UnWipe directly.

Let us know what you use and how it works for you.

How is The UnWipe better than my regular ol' toilet paper?

To only use dry toilet paper is like only using a dry paper towel to wipe off a dinner plate or the counter. Think on that for a second.

Texture and water work so much better.

We get it. People, and maybe you, have survived on dry toilet paper since 1857. (Well, none of us since then, but our whole lives.) Keep using your own paper, or the paper you find in the stalls where you go. It's useful as a first pass ... a first wipe, if you will.

The more times one wipes with dry paper though, the more the abrasiveness of the paper irritates the skin. And no matter how many times one wipes with dry paper of any quality, there's always some cleaning left to be done.

Worded more bluntly, toilet paper alone ain't good enough, but The UnWipe works with your own paper to get your bum thoroughly clean, whenever and wherever you go.

Our meticulous research shows that for about 9 of every 10 times one uses The UnWipe after dry toilet paper, additional cleaning was accomplished – yay! – and The UnWipe doesn't irritate the tender skin! That's useful to know if you don't think about the details too vividly.

So one use of your toilet paper dry, followed by your paper made stronger, seriously textured, and a little bit wet by The UnWipe is an awesome way to get your squeaky cleanest no matter how many years you've made do with regular ol' tp. It's one of those "small change, big result" things.

Can I just pour water directly on toilet paper?

Of course you can, but that doesn’t make it a great way to clean your bum.

Wet a sheet of toilet paper and see how easily it tears.

Toilet paper, whether dunked or sprayed, quickly gets soggy. Soggy paper tears and leaves 'bum crumbs' behind. That's not comfortable. Soggy paper has no texture or firmness, and you need texture for the best cleaning. Paper that's wet without texture just gets slippery, and that feels cringey in use.

The UnWipe wipes replacement uses just enough wetness to create the unique, sturdy, patent-pending texture that makes this product better than others at cleaning your bum. Not dry and scratchy, not soggy and dripping. Like Goldilocks’ porridge, it’s juuuuuust right.

Do I need special toilet paper?

No, any should work. We’ve used it with single-, double-, and triple-ply, and it worked perfectly with each. With paper from recycled sources and paper from bamboo, and it worked perfectly with them, too. The cheapest to the plushest, and it worked perfectly with all.

It even works with facial tissue and paper towels, though they aren’t meant to be flushed (please be kind to your sewer).

Perhaps best of all, The UnWipe wipes replacement worked great with both the softest papers and the scratchiest we tried. Seriously, there are some brands that are so abrasive they could take paint off woodwork. The UnWipe wipes replacement gave them all the desired texture, and made them as refreshing for wiping as a carpet of dewy soft moss. Well, we really don’t know what that’s like, but it sounds divine. The abrasiveness was gone and the skin was clean, so along with every other benefit, The UnWipe mellows out any abrasiveness on the toilet paper to let you wipe without hurting your skin.

If you’re still unconvinced, try wiping first against the inside of your forearm to note what it feels like before you really put the paper to work. The bonus is that your forearm will be squeaky clean, too!

I already carry enough stuff with me. Why carry one more thing?

For many folks, it will mean carrying less! If you currently carry flushable wipes, The UnWipe wipes replacement is much smaller than a pack of wipes and it has no disposable plastic like they do. Simply replace that with this.

If you don't currently carry wipes, this is the perfect way to get your bum clean wherever you go. Most people find that dry toilet paper doesn’t do that, and especially the crappy paper they find in public stalls, yet it'd be nice to be clean when on the go.

The UnWipe doesn’t even have to be carried with you most of the time. At home, it can stay on the vanity counter or toilet tank top. At work, it can stay in your desk drawer till you sneak off, or saunter off, to the bathroom. It can be in your gym bag, backpack, or luggage when you’re traveling. If it’s nearby, it’s good to go when you are.

It will fit, and fit in, almost anywhere. Even better, it’ll get you squeaky clean wherever you go.

Must I share mine with everyone in the house?

You can, but do you want to? You’ll want to have it with you, because when you gotta go, you gotta go.

What good will it do if it's at home when you're at work? Or if it's in the main bathroom when you're in the other bathroom? Or if it's with your spouse, and they say, "Get your own!"?

So keep one in your bathroom at home, but maybe also have one in your desk at work and in your backpack when you travel away from home. Wherever you go, it should be there to keep you squeaky clean.

While sharing is caring, you'll definitely want to have one that's all your own wherever you go.

Is The UnWipe better or worse than a bidet?

They're both better than flushable wipes, so yay for both of us!

One costs more, is made from plastic, requires plumbing changes, creates an aerosol of black (dirty) water, cannot be carried in your pocket, purse, or backpack, and doesn't have texture to remove stubborn residue from skin and hair, from nooks and crannies.

The other has no plastic, doesn't change your plumbing, is totally clean to use, goes anywhere to any bathroom, cleans your bum better because it has texture, and is wayyyyyy quicker to use.

Aside from that...

FAQ ... How do I use and clean it?

What do I do after unboxing The UnWipe?

Logan created a set of videos to show you how to use and maintain The UnWipe. They'll give you useful information and a laugh or two. But if you prefer reading to watching, here's the quick answer.

After you unbox The UnWipe wipes replacement, open the lid by gently squeezing the sides. Hold the whole thing under clean running water to wash off any road dust and fill the sponge. Turn The UnWipe sideways to drain excess water. Press the mesh gently to drain just a bit more water so the sponge isn't extra soggy. That's it. It's ready to use. (But it's still more fun watching Logan show this to you.)

What is the best way to open the lid?

There's a thumb press area on the lid, and you can press that and pull the lid off.

A much easier way though is to put your thumb on one side even with the water droplet design, and your index finger on the other side, and press them gently together. The lid will pop open.

For replacing the lid, first seat the bump on the butt-end of the lid into the corresponding notch in the mesh, then press the lid into the opening.

How exactly do I use The UnWipe? Spare no details. (I can take it.)

After you've done what you're doing on the toilet – regardless of what's being cleaned and whether it involves the backside, the frontside, or both – wipe with toilet paper as you normally would.

Then pop the lid off The UnWipe, scrunch another hunk of paper, and press it into the mesh for about half a second. Maybe more, maybe less. Look at the paper and see the texture and the pretty design on it. No worries at this point, it's just fresh paper and water. Touch it to your inner arm or cheek to feel that it's a little bit wet. Then wipe again just like before. Remember to drop it in the toilet bowl like normal!

Are you totally clean? It depends. It depends on how you wipe, how much paper you used, how much water, how hard you press, and your diet. It depends a lot on your diet and gut health. If you're at all unsure, treat it like the "lather, rinse, repeat" advice for shampoo when you shower, and repeat with fresh toilet paper.

The easiest way to know when you're done is to sneak a peek at the paper. When the paper ends up clean, or nearly so, then there's no more cleanup to do. If the paper's clean, you're clean. But if the paper you used with The UnWipe did a whole lot of cleaning – trust us, you can tell – then it makes sense to repeat the process. Either use just The UnWipe or alternate rounds of dry paper followed by paper transformed by The UnWipe. Everyone's situation is unique, and you'll quickly discover what works for you to get your bum squeaky squeaky clean.

Flush when all done.

How much toilet paper is ideal?

Four squares of two-ply is a good starting point. Vary from there based on the quality of your paper and results.

What we've seen is that people use less paper than they'd use to get as clean as dry paper could get them. It's a bit difficult to compare given that dry paper doesn't clean thoroughly and rubs your butt raw while you're trying to do so, but it's our best estimate.

If you try to skimp on paper, at least think about how much is needed to press into the mesh and form substantive texture. One sheet doesn't have enough paper pulp.

How long do I press paper into The UnWipe?

As short as possible to absorb just a bit of water.

If you've just filled it—just added water—then a 1/2 second press at most will wet the paper perfectly. If your fingertips feel the water through the paper, stop pressing, because it's wet enough for a great clean. If your paper is soggy and saggy, then the press was clearly too long.

Poke the now-textured paper with your finger. It should have the firmness of a ripe 🍑. not an under-ripe 🍑 or over-ripe 🍑. (A real peach, not whatever you think 🍑 stands for!)

If your experience is similar to others' experience, you'll get the hang of it almost immediately. It's paper, water, and texture.

What liquids should I add?

Just add water.

We recommend plain, clean water that’s safe to drink. That can be tap water, bottled water, or distilled water. Each has typically been treated in some way to reduce or eliminate organic matter and bacteria. If adding water from a water bottle, it should be before you've had a drink from that bottle, because while we're all perfectly pure and clean – right? – saliva carries germs, and there's no good reason to pour them into The UnWipe.

We’ve heard of people adding witch hazel and other liquids for therapeutic benefit, but we’ve not tested them or found them necessary for a thorough cleaning of your bum. Water works perfectly well.

If you want to supplement The UnWipe wipes replacement with other substances for therapeutic or aromatic reasons, consider spraying them on the paper right after you’ve pressed it into The UnWipe. This will give you any benefit of the other liquid without affecting The UnWipe's sponge.

What liquids should I not add?

Since we’ve not studied or tested anything but tap water, we don’t recommend anything but clean, potable (safe to drink) water, whether from a faucet or bottle.

Definitely do not add oily substances, because they aren’t necessary for cleaning your bum and they will be hard to clean from the sponge.

There is also no need to add soap. Save that for a shower.

When I 'Just Add Water', won't it spill out?


The key is to not overfill The UnWipe. There’s a sponge beneath the mesh. If it’s overfilled and saturated with water, of course water will spill out. That’s not good for the toilet paper though, because too much water will make the paper soggy, and soggy paper is not great for wiping.

Here’s how to do it:

• Pop the lid off The UnWipe wipes replacement.

• Hold The UnWipe under a faucet and add a splash of water.

• Turn the whole product sideways or upside down, and press a finger against the mesh to let excess water spill out into the sink.

That’s it. Water should be totally in the sponge now and not spill out until you press it again with paper. Keep the sponge less than saturated, which is the best way to give the toilet paper the perfect texture, too.

If you're traveling or moving around with The UnWipe in a purse of backpack, keep it a bit drier so water can't squish out with a squeeze. Then add water when you go into a bathroom. Easy peasy.

Once you’re used to this, the whole “just add water” refill thing will take mere seconds. It would take you longer to wet a washcloth, fill your water bottle, or change the roll of toilet paper.

How often should I add water?

Add water whenever the sponge is too dry to make your paper as wet as you'd like it to be. Typically it's every other day. Since it's just water though, and adding water takes mere seconds, add it anytime.

Some people top it off on their way out of the bathroom so that it's ready for the next use. Some people top it off on their way into the bathroom. Either way, a good idea is to press your finger into the mesh as you enter the bathroom. If water puddles around your finger, the sponge is wet enough to work with the paper.

Whatever your preference, adding water takes practically no time at all.

Is it better if the paper gets really wet or stays rather dry?

That's like asking if eggs should be 'over easy' or 'over medium'.

One of the best features of The UnWipe wipes replacement is the control it gives you over wetness and texture. Depending on how you feel and what you ate, sometimes you need more and sometimes less. You control this by the amount of water you add to The UnWipe and how long and firmly you press the paper into the mesh. There’s no one right answer for everyone or even every 'go'. Do what you need at the moment to get squeaky clean.

How do I dispose of the ... you know ... ?

The UnWipe wipes replacement transforms toilet paper to clean your bum better than flushable wipes. After you’ve wiped, drop the paper in the toilet bowl like any other toilet paper, and flush when you're all done. Your sewer or septic system is built for that. (They are not built for flushed wipes.)

Definitely use freshly scrunched paper with The UnWipe wipes replacement. Do not press used or dirty paper in there or you will transfer germs, which misses the whole point of The UnWipe. We think this will be obvious and shouldn’t need to be said, but are erring on the side of caution. So yeah, no double-dipping. But you knew that, right?

Keep it (The UnWipe) clean to keep it (🍑) clean.

Will I use more toilet paper, or less?

On average, you're likely to use about the same amount. If you are used to using dry paper till all seems clean, then replacing that with a use of The UnWipe may help you use less paper.

If you're using The UnWipe to achieve a whole new cleanliness nirvana, you may use a bit more paper.

If you're like the guy we saw on a TV show who limited himself to one square ... well, that's a level of parsimony that's beyond us!

So in general, about the same amount of paper, with superior results from adding The UnWipe to your personal care routine.

Why should I clean The UnWipe?

Clean The UnWipe wipes replacement to keep the outside free of dirt and grime, and the inside free of germs. It’s used in a bathroom, after all, and germs are unavoidable.

Well, some germs are avoidable. The inside of The UnWipe will stay its cleanest if no germs are put there by direct contact with...you know...please don't make us say it...so yeah, no double-dipping of the paper and only clean hands touching the mesh.

While the silicone it's made with is impervious to most bad things, there's still water and a sponge, so cleaning it as regularly as you should clean counters, sinks, towels, toothbrushes and everything else is good hygiene. If there's any concern that ... foreign substances ... accidentally transferred into The UnWipe, follow the cleaning instructions right away so that germs don't have the chance to incubate.

We recommend a proper cleaning at least once a month. Maybe on the 1st day of each month. That's a good day. Or the 2nd. Nothing useful ever happens on the #2 day of each month, right?

How do I keep The UnWipe clean?

To clean the outside, wash it with soap and water or run it through the dishwasher. The silicone is unaffected by the water temperatures.

Tap water typically is treated with disinfectant to keep it safe, and in the typical use, you add some to The UnWipe every few days. Bottled water is typically also treated by the bottler, but there are so many brands that there’s no way for us to say for sure.

Our consulting biologist recommends several ways to keep The UnWipe wipes replacement clean, so pick the one that suits you. They recommend cleaning it at least monthly, similar to cleaning towels and other bathroom items. You already clean at least that often, right? ...not that we'd judge or anything...😉

Dishwasher. Put The UnWipe on the top rack, open and facing down. Run the dishwasher through a normal cycle with heated dry. Let The UnWipe cool to room temperature before handling.

Microwave. Make sure the sponge is wet, and close to saturated. Set it in the microwave in the normal top-up position with the lid open and without the travel cover on. Run the microwave on high for one minute to kill more than 99.9% of all the germs. Let The UnWipe cool before handling it, because the water will be quite hot – you heat tea and soup in the microwave, right? – and could burn your skin. Do not run the microwave long enough to dry out the sponge, as a dry sponge can burn.

Vinegar. Pour white vinegar into The UnWipe till the sponge is saturated. Let it sit five minutes. Pour it out and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

It's easy to clean The UnWipe if you do so regularly, just as with any other item in your bathroom. This will help it to last a long, long time.

But my kitchen sponges get funky.

Kitchen sponges get funky in how they feel and smell because of the grease and food particles that collect and decay. It's not the cellulose or the water that's the problem, but the organic matter that collects in them.

The UnWipe doesn't collect grease or food particles. Nothing should ever ever ever get inside but clean water. We've been testing with the same sponges for almost seven years now, and they're indistinguishable from newly manufactured sponges.

But don't take our word alone. We hired a biologist and aquatic testing laboratory to test it for us. They used several of The UnWipe as they're designed to be used—okay, they used them with toilet paper after using the bathroom—and tested the water after one week, two weeks, and one month.

The result of the labs test for bad germs is that levels were unmeasurable. That is, levels were below the threshold of what their fancy instruments could measure, and these are instruments used to measure the safety of drinking water, aquifers, and swimming pools.

By adding clean water, not adding dirty stuff, and cleaning per the iinstructions, all parts of The UnWipe should stay clean and safe for your family and mine for the life of the product.

Is 'monthly' cleaning just a guess?

Heck no, it's science!

We paid a PhD biologist to devise and conduct a test of multiple units of The UnWipe in his certified aquatic testing laboratory. The test involved using The UnWipe like normal and then testing the water after 1 week, 2 weeks, and 1 month.

In every case there was no detectable presence of nasty microorganisms. None. His expensive instruments found nothing to make the water unhealthy. In fact, he said it was still so clean that we could bathe in it. That'd be a tiny bath, but cool, huh?!

The caveat to the test: it was several people using The UnWipe and refilling with water from one municipal water supply. Clearly water can vary depending on where you live, and even from one day to the next, and we have no way to test that or control it. If you add water from a lake that's chock full of coliform...well, don't do that. Use a source of water you know is clean. If you're uncertain of the cleanliness of the water you use, clean The UnWipe more frequently, perhaps weekly.

We didn't test beyond one month (it was actually 38 days) because cleaning bathroom stuff at least monthly seems like a reasonable ask.

FAQ ... I have a question about my order.

When will my order arrive?

The chatbot in the bottom right corner has a button to quickly check the status of your order.

If the order has shipped, a tracking number will have been emailed to you, and with that number, the shipper can inform you of when to expect delivery.

What shipping method is used?

Orders are shipped from a worldwide network of warehouses. They select the method that will be best for getting it from the warehouse to you.

Shipping is expensive enough these days, so we do not default to expedited shipping. It is an option though. While we can't wait to get The UnWipe into your hands so you can stop flushing wipes, extra-quick shipping isn't as urgent as if we were shipping you ice cream.

Who pays for shipping?

If The UnWipe is delivered to an address in the Continental U.S., there's no charge for shipping. Orders currently are delivered about one week after ordering.

If you choose expedited shipping—maybe you're in the bathroom and could really really use The UnWipe now!—we add a $5 flat fee. The shipper calls it "Two-Day Express", but whether it's exactly two days or not depends on things like how early in the day the order is placed and if weekends are involved.

If being shipped elsewhere, shipping charges will be added at checkout by the shipper. Your international order may be subject to import duties and taxes (including VAT), which are incurred once a shipment reaches your destination country. The UnWipe Company is not responsible for these charges if they are applied and are your responsibility as the customer.

What are my return options?

The summary of the policy is this: x, y, z. Note that returns are for single unit purchases only.

The official Return Policy is posted here.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Save yourself the time and trouble of writing the same email over and over again by listing your most commonly asked questions and answers here. A dedicated FAQ section should help address the basic needs of your customers, cutting down on customer service emails, increasing conversions, and creating a more satisfying shopping experience!

Are there purchase quantity limits?

Quantities are currently limited to three units at one time. This gives everyone a chance to fight the scourge of flushable wipes. It also helps to prevent some sources of consumer fraud.

If you have a need for larger quantities – perhaps to supply every unit in an apartment complex – contact us at support@theunwipe.com and we'll try to help.