Aquatic Testing

The UnWipe was tested for safety by a certified laboratory in October 2022. The lab tests to the standards used for safe drinking water. The goal was to ensure that by containing water and being used in a bathroom, the product didn't develop undesirable organisms (e. coli). Two units of the product were tested.

The lab used The UnWipe like normal 5 times a day in a multi-person lav and tested the product 4 times over 38 days. The results are below showing that 0 organisms were present in each of the 8 tests. 

The test was stopped at that point, under the assumption that any bathroom product should be cleaned at least monthly. The lab recommended a cleaning method shown in a video on our Care & Maintenance page.

If you have any questions about the product testing, please contact us at

Page 1 of aquatic testing report

Page 2 of aquatic testing report


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