About Us and Our Obsession with Butts

Blue jean buttIt was never a life goal to talk to people about their butts. As lovely as butts can be, they were always just something to dress attractively, admire, sit on, exercise, and wash as necessary. 

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

@#$%&! Wipes

That changed six years ago when we happened upon an old, dusty, dried-out bag of flushable wipes in the back of a bathroom cabinet. How'd it get there? Who bought it? How long had it been there? No idea.

Pile of wipes

By coincidence, a friend shared an article about the insane damage caused by flushing wipes. It was an eye-opener. Flushed wipes clog plumbing in houses. They clog pipes in your town's sewers. They break pumps. They collect with grease and whatever else is down there having a party in the sewers and form gross "fatbergs" that cost the world over a billion dollars a year to clean out. That's $1,000,000,000.00 of your tax dollars wasted every freakin' year.

Sadly, the bigger they are and the thicker they are, the worse they are for clogging and littering. That makes sense, right? The thinner ones aren't good either, but at least tear apart easier. Well, maybe that's not so good because your fingers are more likely to poke through at exactly the wrong time. Nasty!

Even when the nasty stuff is cleared out, and the pumps are replaced, and the pipes are repaired, the dirty wipes are just hauled off to your local landfill. It's a crazy amount of litter that would fill and overflow the Empire State Building every year.

 Accepting the Challenge

That started our journey to find a better way. But, a better way to what? To eliminate flushable wipes? To clean the butt better? To save you money? To unlitter the planet with less single-use plastic?

The answer to all of those questions turned out to be "yes". Shocker, right?!

Wipes in trash can

We are audacious enough to offer you a different twist on personal care and hygiene that will get your bum cleaner, will save you real money, will unlitter the planet with no extra effort, will go where you go, and that means you'll never again have to buy another wipe. No one should ever flush another wipe.

So look around the site. Check out the videos. Have a laugh with Logan as she shows you what we do and how we do it. Then check out the beautiful colors of The UnWipe in the store and find the one that will let you unspend and unlitter as you un-use flushable wipes. Reach out to us with your questions.

Photo of Jim holding The UnWipeJim Kaslik 

Good design makes life easier. The houses I designed use a fraction of the typical energy to heat and cool, stand up to the worst natural disasters, and still – to believe the profiles done by HGTV, the Travel Channel, Fine Homebuilding, and others – are visual sensations.

Lessons learned about shapes and materials carried over to a kitchen product – lovingly shown on ABC TV's The Chew by Michael Simon, and on The Rachael Ray Show by actor Anthony Anderson and Rachael herself – that displaced the use of tens of millions of feet of single-use plastic wrap.

And now those lessons carry over to The UnWipe, where shapes, materials, and colors combine to stop the damage caused every day by those @#$%&! flushable wipes. Together we can stop 100 billion wipes from being flushed every year, one butt and one wipe at a time.

Of course it's awkward at times to have bathroom stuff be the focus of the day's design work, but if that results in better hygiene for your family, money in your pocket because you don't spend it anymore on something as wasteful as wipes, and all of our children being able to live in a world with less litter and single-use plastic, awkwardness is a fair price. And the opportunity for silly puns is asstounding.

Logan Guntzelman

Logan with The UnWipe

I’m the (kind of) friendly face in The UnWipe videos, and no, it was also never my plan to become such a big part of a company that’s reinventing the way people clean their %@$&*#. I’ve spent years working as a standup comedian/writer, which is how Jim and I connected (or maybe it was because of my weirdly relevant Instagram handle).

While it is cool to do what I love, I often feel guilty that my chosen line of work doesn’t make the world a better place. Sure I could volunteer in my free time to assuage some of that guilt, but here’s the thing: I’m lazy. Instead, I try to find low-effort ways to make a difference, so that even a lazy person like me can have a positive impact.

I drive a hybrid because it’s a way to cut down on gas usage without even thinking about it. I eat a (mostly) vegan diet, which lowers my carbon footprint and saves me from having to learn how to cook meat. And now, I use The UnWipe.

The UnWipe fits perfectly into my “do good by doing barely anything” ethos. Just by using it instead of flushable wipes, without any extra effort, I buy less plastic, create less litter, damage less plumbing, and spend less money. I want to introduce more people to The UnWipe, so that they can also be environmentally conscious without even trying.