Forgive us for thinking about your butt

We're sure yours is perfectly lovely – let's get that out of the way. Our thoughts are more focused on its care and maintenance, though.

Is The UnWipe designed for you and your butt? If you have a butt, it's designed for you. If you want to spend less money and create less litter, it's designed for you, too. Your butt and The UnWipe are perfect together.

Photo by Lauren Richmond on Unsplash

If you want a clean butt

Who doesn’t want to rock their cleanest butt? The UnWipe wipes replacement makes your own toilet paper stronger, seriously textured, and a little bit wet. That cleans better. It’s patent pending, so no one else does what The UnWipe does.

If you want to unspend

"Flushable" wipes cost from 3¢ to up to 27¢ per use, and you have to keep... buying... them. Forever. Easily $40+ a year. Toilet paper sprays cost double that, and you have to keep... buying... them. Forever. Bidets cost $99 or $299 or $1,499, plus installation. The UnWipe wipes replacement is a one-time purchase with no plastic, and you can use it practically for-freakin’-ever. It will cost ⅓ of one penny or less per use—maybe $3 a year—so go ahead and be your squeaky cleanest.

If you want to unlitter

There’s not a nice way to say this—every flushed wipe has to be dug out of sewers and hauled to a dump. 100,000,000,000 of them every year. With The UnWipe wipes replacement, the toilet paper you flush instantly decomposes. One is litter. The UnWipe is not.

If you want to wear anything

For who you are and all you’ve accomplished, wear whatever you darn well want to, even clothes that get up in there, without worrying if you’re good enough, clean enough, hygienic enough. The UnWipe gives you unmatched patent-pending texture, and texture cleans better.

If you want to go anywhere

“Life less cringey” means being clean wherever you 'go'. With The UnWipe wipes replacement, you’re as squeaky clean using public bathrooms, highway rest areas, office restrooms, gym locker rooms, bar and restaurant lavatories, and even porta-potties as you are at home.

If you want to be effortless

These days are already hard enough. Bathroom time should be relaxing—not require tools and plumbing changes. It shouldn’t involve disposing of used wipes in the trash or flushing them and clogging sewers. With The UnWipe, personal hygiene is as effortless as doing what you’ve done since you were 4 years old, but with serious texture and better results.

The Colors of The UnWipe™ Wipes Replacement